Mexican dubai restaurant


Appetizers: Guacamole, Cauliflower Roca BBQ and Spicy, Shaved Kale Salad

Sampler Ceviches: Sabina, Black Aguachile, Ojo Rojo

Taco Sampler: Avocado Tempura Taco, Tlacoyo Nopal, Taco Hummus

Main Dishes (Choose one):

Steak of Cauliflower and Habanero Puree

Portobello taco dorado

Grilled oyster Mushroom flamed with mezcal and Potatoes Bravas

Vegan Mole + Tortilla +Black Beans

Ajillo Mushroom Pasta

Desserts: Carrot cake, Fruit Platter


Enjoy our new 99 set menu

Enjoy a wide variety of dishes such as Tacos, Avocado Cream, Soups and more while enjoying our live entertainment.

for 99 AED.