Oysters and Fish

Get ready to delight yourself with the best seafood.

Enjoy the best oyster and fish dishes brought directly from Mexico and eat as many oysters as you can because they are unlimited!

Our offer starts: Wednesday from 5 pm and runs until 9 pm.
Unlimited oysters & 1 fish option 

Baked Oyster 
* Oyters Rockefeller.
* Chesse oysters
* Coriander butter grated oysters.
Fresh Oyster 

* Rasurardo style oysters (Rasurado sauce: White vinegar, Fresh onion and Soy sauce). 
* Aguachile style oysters (serrano, cilantro and onion sauce).
* Oyster with salsa valentina (red sauce moderate in valentine sauce hotness)


*Fried fish, pickled red onion, cabbage and marinated coriander. 
* Fish in Foil (Au Papillote)
*Yucatecan black recado fish (annatto seeds and chili, onion and garlic ash).
* Garlic butter Fish fillet.
* Mezquite Grilled Fish.
* Smoked Fish 
* Fine herbs and Salt crusted Fish.
All fish services accompanied with choice of Brava style potatoes, rice, or grilled vegetables.

1 complimentary sparkling wine glass

See you on Wednesday for only 299 AED per person! 🥳
All prices are in AED and inclusive of 10% service charge, 7% municipality fees and 5% VAT.