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Latino Brunch

Latino Brunch

Latino Brunch
Step into a world of Latin flavors and rhythm at our renowned Latino Brunch. Every Saturday from 2pm to 5pm, immerse yourself in a culinary journey that will ignite your taste buds.

Choose from our Silver package at 225AED per person, offering a delectable Special Menu and unlimited Soft Drinks.
Upgrade to the Gold package at 320AED per person for House Drinks, Margaritas, and an enhanced dining experience.
For the ultimate indulgence, opt for our Platinum package at 420AED per person, featuring special premium tacos, oysters, Sparkling Wine, Corona Beer, and more.

Delight in a diverse menu that includes vibrant salads, mouthwatering ceviches, tantalizing taco samplers, chef-selected main dishes, and a tempting dessert selection. As you savor each bite, be entertained by the energetic beats of our DJ, captivating dancers, lively Mariachi, and the mesmerizing presence of traditional skulls. Discover the true spirit of Latin cuisine and celebration at our

for reservation:

call: +971 451 44512